Why EyeDream ?

At EyeDream, we take a strategic approach in analyzing the clients staffing requirement, detailed effort estimation is made, and the process documentation is done at the initial stage in mutual consent with the client.
Our domain and process expertise ensure a guaranteed turnaround time and adherence to the agreed deliverable. Needless to mention, throughout all phases of the process, we use the utmost discretion to guarantee the confidentiality sought by clients.
In addition, we have built in capabilities for continuous on-line access of information on the assignment, which includes new requisition, status of the process, reports, performance, etc. 

We brings in:

  • Strong client referrals
  • Single window Staffing solution
  • Domain expertise in various Industry verticals
  • Substantial pre-screened talent pool
  • Guaranteed turn-around-time
  • Quality Processes
  • Technology and Infrastructure

Benefits for Client

  • Focus on delivery of specialized activity/ functions
  • Manage unexpected business demands/ manpower 
  • Staffing flexibility – Managing short-term & temporary business needs
  • Access to a talent pool on required skill sets 
  • Screen candidates for permanent employment
  • Reduce HR Administration cost and Time involvement
    • 10+ year’s management experience. Strong understanding of manpower Recruitments.
    • Guaranteed quality & turnaround time
    • Highly skilled and experienced internal screening & evaluation team. Proven Expertise in Mass Recruitment Assignments.
    • Highly trained Technical Recruiters across India.
    • System & process driven delivery model ensuring high quality services.
    • Dedicated Project Leader, one point of contact for all requirements.